Make China journals open access, says top scientist – practice self-archiving responds OA evangelist

Leading Chinese scientist, Zhu Zuoyan, has appealed for funding to make many Chinese journals open access and give priority to domestic science publications to boost the country’s scientific journals, reports [Jia Hepeng, 02 Sep 2008].  Zhu called on the Chinese to invest “a tiny 200 million yuan (US$29.4 million) an open access fund”.

Compared to commercially-run international journals, domestic journals can publish papers faster. Domestic journals could attract more high-quality papers and improve their impact, if they were open access, Zhu said.

Open Access evangelist, Steven Harnad,  responded [08 Sep 2008] to the with his well-known self-archiving mantra, saying that “the cheapest, fastest and surest way to provide OA to all of Chinese published research output is by self-archiving it in the OA institutional repositories of the institutions that produced the research”.


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