The SuSanA platform and social media extensions

Who is SuSanA?

Each and every one of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) 202 partner organisations and 2500 individual members make up the SuSanA community who share a common vision on sustainable sanitation.

An overview of the communication tools on the SuSanA platform

SuSanA platform communication tools

SuSanA forum:





For more detailed information on each of the communication tools have a look here:

Questions about the campaign:


23 Things: Web 2.0 tutorials for librarians

23 things” is a popular learning programme originally designed in 2006 to introduce web 2.0 tools like Flickr, wikis, Facebook etc to librarians.

One of the sites with the 23 Things course modules is that of Vermont’s 23 things bog hosted by the Vermont Department of Libraries.

There is also a blog where more “things” are being added called 23 Web 2.0 Things Challenge.